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where to buy niacin max

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  • Balances the blood pressure
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Help improve the skin and hair condition
  • Controls cholesterol levels and raises the good cholesterol (HDL)
  • Improves the digestion process
  • No Side effects and Works very fast
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Niacin or Nicotinic acid is a vitamin that is present in plants and animals. This beneficial vitamin, Vitamin B3 is also used in many supplements because of its amazing effects. Niacin has some health benefits and plays a vital role in converting the proteins, fats, and carbs into energy.

What is Niacin Max?

Niacin Max supplements are niacin supplements that increase the niacin level in the body while providing some other health benefits. Niacin Max supplements increase the body's power, agility, strength, speed, and endurance.

These supplements increase the red blood cell production that causes an improvement in the oxygen supply to the muscles through the blood. It also improves the energy levels while reducing the fatigue and makes you feel active.

They also increase the production of human growth hormones that help you maintain a healthy and fit body with an ideal physique.

The supplements also help by increasing the oxygen supply to the brain that results in a sharper memory, improvement in concentration and ability to focus. The increased oxygen supply to the brain also results in an improved ability to make decisions and reactions faster.

Why it is the best Vitamin B3 Supplement?

There are some niacin supplements in the market, but Niacin Max is considered to be the best supplement. This is due to several reasons. The most important reason for it being the best supplement is it's unique delivery technology.

While other supplements take the time to affect, as they have to pass through the digestive system and get absorbed before they enter the bloodstream, to be transferred to the whole body, Niacin Max has a faster delivery system.

The supplement is in the form of a rapidly dissolving tongue strip that does not have to go through the digestion process to cast its effects. The supplement has to be kept under the tongue, from where it gets dissolved directly, and without entering the digestive system, it enters the blood stream directly.

Also, when other tablets are digested, usually over 90% of them do not even reach the bloodstream. This is because, during digestion, there are acids in the stomach that react with the supplement and destroy most of it before it reaches the blood. This is why you can never get comprehensive benefits from other supplements, whereas niacin max releases 75mg of pure niacin in the blood as soon as it is dissolved under the tongue.

There are other factors too that make Niacin Max the best niacin supplements. As they are easy to dissolve, they can be taken anytime, without water. It is also a fast acting supplement as it does not have to go through the digestion process but enters directly into the blood.

Another good thing is that one single strip contains 75g of niacin and that comes directly from the blood, that means, you are taking benefit from all the niacin present in the piece. It also has no side effects, and the niacin flush is very mild as compared to niacin flush of other niacin supplements.

What is it used for?

  • Used to increase the amount of Niacin in the body
  • Improves cell respiration
  • Improves cardiovascular circulation
  • Enhances the number of RBCs

Top 5 Benefits of Niacin Max:

Niacin Max, while increasing the amount of Niacin, has some health benefits for the human body. The major niacin benefits are:

1. Increases the oxygen flow:

Oxygen is the most important thing for people. The cells of our body need oxygen to function properly. The blood supplies oxygen and other nutrients to the cells due to which, the cells perform their duties for our life. Niacin Max increases the oxygen flow to the body. It increases the oxygen supply to the muscles and the brain due to which, the brain can think and function properly. In the same way, the muscles are also strengthened and perform the movements correctly.

2. Increases the RBC production:

The RBCs or Red Blood Cells are responsible for supplying oxygen and other nutrients to the body. An increase in the RBC production means an increase in the provision of oxygen and other nutrients. Niacin Max increases the niacin levels in the body and Niacin is a natural erythropoietin stimulating agent, and erythropoietin is responsible for the production of red blood cells.

3. Increases Human Growth Hormone:

Human growth hormone is responsible for a well-toned body and an ideal body mass. The human growth hormone functions to improve the overall physical appearance and helps in strengthening the bones and muscles. Niacin Max increases the production of the human growth hormone (HGH), that benefits the body in different ways. This is the best choice for the athletes and body builders as they have to maintain an ideal physique.

4. Improves Cardiovascular Circulation:

Niacin is known to have substantial effects on the cardiovascular system. Niacin Max also affects the cardiovascular system by improving the cardiovascular circulation. It dilates the vessels that result in an improved flow of blood. Also, it lowers the blood pressure levels to normal.

5. Assists in Detoxification:

Niacin flushes the toxic substances out of the body. Niacin Max also detoxifies the body from within, that ultimately result in a healthy body from the inside plus beautiful, glowing skin and healthy hair

What is Niacin Max Flush and how does it work?

Niacin has this effect on the human body, that when you take its supplements, after 4 to 6 minutes, you feel a tingling sensation in the face and neck and a slight redness of the skin. The skin also might feel warm and itchy. Also, the sensation can sometimes be felt in the chest, arms and hands.

This feeling is called Niacin Flush and happens with every niacin supplement that you take. It is quite reasonable too. However, the niacin max flush is mild as compared to other niacin supplements.Every time that you take the supplement, you will get the niacin max flush. It would be mild, but however, the first time that you get the niacin flush, it would be a little intense.


  • Each supplement contains 75g of niacin
  • Can be taken without water
  • Dissolves into the bloodstream quickly
  • Has a quick action


  • Niacin flush (although it is very mild)

Where to buy Niacin:

Niacin Max can be obtained from directly from the website niacinmax.com. Also, there are complete details of niacin max including the ordering process, delivery and shipment present on the site.