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Niacin is a very important vitamin in very many body processes and very vital for human health. One of the main features of niacin is the ability to help you relax and sleep well at night. It is also very important in the reduction of anxiety and depression.

A well-known condition when taking it, is the dilation of the blood vessels accompanied by a warm sensation in the body called niacin flush. The flush is normally accompanied by the blushing of the skin which normally occurs when a high dosage is taken.

When a person flushes, they can be able to know that they have taken enough amount of it. By starting with a low dosage of niacin and increasing with time, an individual is able to build up the tolerance to the flushing.

Niacin flush symptoms

The symptoms of niacin flush include:

  • Burning sensation on the ears, scalp and face.
  • Face turning reddish or pinkish in color.
  • Warm sensation

How long does Niacin flush last?

The duration of flushing can differ depending on the dosage taken. A slight amount of niacin taken should bring a flush that might last for around fifteen minutes then go away. Taking too much of it can bring a flushing that lasts for a long time. A flushing that lasts for more than a half an hour is an indication that the amount of it taken was in large amount.

There are also factors that can affect the flushing duration. Some of these factors include:

  1. Taking on an empty stomach.

Taking it on an empty stomach will lead to niacin flush that lasts longer than if it is taken on a full stomach.

2. Duration of using

A person who is used to taking niacin may experience slight flushing which lasts for a short period of time as the body has grown tolerant to the effect. Individuals starting using it might experience a slightly longer flushing period especially if they start with higher dosage.

3. Body tolerant.

Different people will respond differently to the flushing. Some people might have the flushing for a longer time than others.

What are the benefits?

In order to enjoy the benefits of the flush, it is important to start with a small dosage of it then increase with time. Starting with a large dosage might make the body be tolerant to the flush which will interfere with the benefits. It is also advisable not to take it after a meal as the flushing is more on an empty stomach.

Some of the health benefits include:

1.Benefit for arthritis.

It enables the opening of the veins within the joints of an arthritis patient. With increased blood flow to the joints, there will be relief of pain. The dosage will depend on how severe the arthritis is. It is also important to notify your doctor of the use.

2. Benefit for cholesterol.

For a person looking to lower his or her cholesterol in a cost effective manner, niacin flush might be a very good option.

3. Benefit for heart disease.

It is highly effective in the treatment of heart disease. By the opening of the blood vessels, there is an increased blood flow to the parts of the body which have been starved of oxygen.

4. Benefit for memory loss.

Studies done have shown that niacin flush is very effective in eradicating memory loss in patients.

5. Benefits for insomnia.

There are studies done which show that if it is taken before bed can help people get to sleep.

In conclusion, niacin flush has very many health benefits. It, however, important to consult your doctor before using it as there are some side effects reported in patients with some health conditions.

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